Gender equity programs

Since gender equity is a major concern of our establishment, we have implemented very successful programs to empower women who compose the majority of the population of Sri Lanka. With the collaboration of Local institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations we could coordinate a series of awareness programs starting with making them aware of civil and fundamental rights of women and on their role in the national economy of the country.

Further to realizing the above objective, we have guided them on how to be independent in the society with the manipulation of their specific skills. Besides, legal protection for women is another area discussed with them. Other than those, with the coordination of private sector we have started a job bank for women with which we could provide them many employment opportunities.

The series of awareness programs was extended into its second stage with a positive thinking program to improve the skills of women enabling them to realize their true potentials in the process of being contributive in the economy of family. This was a dire need fulfilled since most of the participants had only a moderate monthly income with their husbands being the only bread winner. The fruition of the project has been highly successful with those women being changed and empowered to become active partners in the process of development.