Public Private Partnership with Chamber of Commerce – PPP

E.C Holding has currently undertaken the launch of a partnership program for Galle Chamber of Commerce with the main objective of facilitating the Chamber to build up a strong and healthy network of business with local as well as overseas sectors of interest. The project enfolds to facilitate them through correct guidance to reach for the yet unreached business and investment opportunities available in and out of the country. Further, under the project, the company designs image building events and activities for Galle Chamber of Commerce to enhance their reputation leading them to grab lucrative business opportunities. The company is thus, entitled to represent the Chamber for local and foreign investors. Under this project the prospective investors who are interested in starting business or any other trade in Galle city are facilitated. The company performs a major role in that concern creating a fruitful dialogue negotiating between the investors and the Chamber while operating and handling the necessary secretarial services facilitating the flow of investments.

Besides those, our company facilitates and organizes innovative Technological programs for both the Chamber itself and its body of members. We provide them with consultation facilities and necessary solutions for their technological issues while introducing them the latest technology. Moreover, we organize awareness programs for them on Global trends of marketing and such relevant subjects and help in each individual member to reach yet unreached foreign and local market.