E-business program for Private Sector

The most prominent of the recent advancements in ICT has been the emergence of the Internet,Web-based technologies (e-Technologies) and global networked economies. Today, eTechnologies play an increasingly significant role in our day-to-day lives. They have fundamentally transformed the technological, economical, political and social landscapes.

The company has implemented e-business projects focusing private sector. Through this we could modify and convert the traditional office work into the modern under new concepts. We have introduced new technology with innovative training programes for large factories, hotels, Island wide markting firms, distributors and private companies. Under this we have introduced software, and mobile applications depending on the various needs of the beneficiaries. The programs introduced enable the client organizations to track even their past records of their accounting systems or store keeping making it easy for auditing as well. We are proud to say that E.C Holding has got a well-trained and skillful team specialized at handling this work. The first step of this program is conducting an assessment program with the participation of representatives from all segments of the company or institution which seeks our assistance and upon its findings and results, the e-business peculiar to the company is developed catering to the needs and issues of the client organization.