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Property Management

Property Management is an extremely volatile industry with complex strategies. This means:

  • Property type varies from one to another such as villas, houses, buildings, condos, apartments, building, compounds, etc.
  • Property value differs from the location. For instance, you will be able to access more land and property in outskirts rather than the city center.
  • Property features vary according to the facilities and amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, supermarkets, schools nearby, etc.
  • Property deals are handled by individuals and large companies and agencies.
  • Property prices change according to the market value.
  • There is a complex procedure for inventory management

EC Holdings specialize in property management because we have strategies such as B2C, B2B mobile and web application platforms for inventory management. For channel marketing and all realtor’s activities, we use our digital marketing technology.


This is a product that is specially designed by EC Holdings for migrants of Sri Lanka to transfer money quicker and safer. In a world where a lot of monetary fraud takes place, we have taken every step to ensure the money transfers are done safe and quick.