Public Private Partnership Issue Tracker (PPD Issue Tracker)

An Issue Tracker is software that tracks all the issues in a company. It tracks, records, and lists the issues the company, the customers, or other stakeholders may face. EC Holdings specializes in creating Issue Trackers that are easily manageable. The development and innovation of Public-Private Partnership Dialog Issue Tracker created a bridge between public and private sectors.

Kandy City Wastewater Management Project – PR campaign

Due to population growth, the city of Kandy started lacking space to construct individual septic tanks. The increasing population also kept increasing the contamination of natural waters, underground water sources, etc. We conducted a PR campaign to let the folks know about the wastewater management project that the city was planning.

Value Chain Development of Chamber of Commerce

EC Holdings has been a part of analyzing inbound & outbound logistics, operations, service, marketing, and sales of Chamber of Commerce in Galle. 

PERFECT Evaluation Tool

Local Government (Government Evaluation Tool) – EC Holdings pioneered this project in creating an evaluation tool names PERFECT for the local government.

E-Governance Municipal Councils

EC Holdings made software applications for municipal councils to use Information and Communication Technology to deliver services and facilitate information.

M-Governance program

M-Governance is a sub-domain of electronic governance, or E-Governance. It allows people to use their mobile phones to communicate, log issues, and exchange information with the governmental institutes. EC Holdings has made software applications to connect with the M-Governance Program.

Police Intelligent Data Solutions

EC Holdings have created software applications using intelligence for police to gather, store, and inspect data intelligently through the software. We created a revord-keeping web application for police stations in order to make their work easier.

Samurdhi Radio App Development

Samurdhi FM is a radio station that broadcasts in Sinhalese. If you visit their website, it will direct you to download the mobile application that EC Holdings has created with a modern user interface. It is an easy-to-use application that a lot of people have fallen in love with.

Southern Province Sport Ministry

Creation of the diversified website of Southern Province Sport Ministry was the first of its kind in the ministry. We collaborated with ten departments to work as one unit. It was a changing, yet fulfilling project where we integrated different departments in the Sport Ministry into one website.