A visionary individual, a passionate experimenter, and a great leader, Pradeep Ehan founded EC Holdings in 2009. It was formed as EC Holdings (PVT) Limited. He pioneered to bring this corporate and government organization to greater heights. A wealth of knowledge resides in Pradeep about Project Management expertise. With that, the organization has diversified into difference branches today.

Pradeep is a multi-faced, talented individual who has over fifteen years of experience in Digital Marketing. He started off as a software developer in the early years and became a digital marketer and a training personnel in the industry. Over the years, he has gathered a massive set of experiences working with education, travel, tourism, real estate, and many other industries. As the head of project management, he steered many international projects and completed them with outstanding success. The projects he has been handling have included governmental, private, and non-profit organizational connections.

His involvement in international and local projects include, overseeing the projects on investors’ behalf, aligning the interests to build trust, managing the project for better and convenient results, etc. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of EC Holdings (PVT) Limited, Pradeep strives to draw international investors towards Sri Lanka, to make Sri Lanka a global platform.

He is also a regional IT Leader,  Professional Member of Digital Marketing Association of Sri Lanka, a Member of Galle Chamber of Commerce, Hon.Secretary to the DEIHERM (Non Profit Organization) and Social Network Service Supporter for Korean Embassy.


EC Holdings is your go-to company when handling your daily workflow, operations, and issues. It works hand-in-hand with the client on a daily basis. We are specialized in digital marketing, online platforms, website developments, application creation, and many digital touch points that are crucial in today’s world. We aim to simplify digital technology and deliver user-friendly solutions to our clients.

Our Story

As an emerging company in the competitive field of web designing with already available too many general web design companies and freelancers, we understood that we weren’t going to succeed by targeting everybody who needed a website. Thus, we set our objectives to be specialized service providers in creating websites and branding for a specific target market/group of people.

Over the past few years, we have partnered with an international web design company to present exclusively for external web project projects. We sought to diversify our services with the experience gained from them.

With a vision of becoming an authority in the areas of small business branding, promotion, and webdesign & software development industry, we have completely transformed our business by introducing a whole new image, ethics, and philosophy.


EC Holdings innovated the Issue Tracker software and with that, the company reached to another level of digital marketing. The innovation was nominated for the Best Asian Pioneer PPD case study award by Asian Foundation headquarters in Washington DC in 2014. Additionally, this innovation has been appreciated by many international forums.


Pradeep Ehan
Founder/ CEO
A seasoned professional with over ten years of experience in Project Management, and 11 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He is also the founder member of the Digital Marketing Association of Sri Lanka. He is a regional IT Leader , application developer, speaker and trainer.
Biumal Priyantha
Director of Operations
Biumal started to cater the demand of the statutory system of Sri Lanka to survive in the business field. Before the beginning of the company, founder performed several Innovative techno services for different clients. He possesses over fifteen years of experience in Software & Web Development industry.
Chandani Guruge (B.com/ M.B.A.)
Finance Director
Chandani is the Chief Finance Director of EC Holdings with over twenty years of experience in Finance and Accounting in public and private sectors. She direct to the development & training initiatives, the Internal Brand Marketing activities as well as cloud computing.
Dr.Nishantha Liyanage (Ph.D)
Cheif Consultant
Dr.Nishantha Liyanage highly motivated trainer and practitioner for Designing, developing, and delivering PRA ,PDT, Social Mobilizing, training, coaching, workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches focused on the best practices of using cooperate training for Govermenet & non goverment sector.